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On-Board Filtration

Every vessel is unique and requires a custom fitted solution. SP Marine Services designs engine rooms that effectively house an on-board fuel filtration system without intruding on the architectural appeal of your boat. We will work with you in designing the engine room to your satisfaction, and we install the best fuel management solutions for you to achieve optimum fuel efficiency and reliability.

The benefits of an on-board fuel filtration system:

  • Eliminate the risk of single-point, system-wide failure
  • Protect your investment of the fuel supply and your entire system
  • Separation technology is environmentally friendly, utilizing non-toxic products
  • Minimize down time and maintenance issues related to fuel delivery

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary tanks can be custom designed and installed at your location. 

Access/Cleanout Ports

Installing an access port allows access to your diesel fuel, water and holding tanks. Now you can perform the important task of cleaning. Clean tanks equate to a safer boating experience. 

A contaminated diesel fuel tank can become a serious safety concern. Sea conditions can agitate a fuel tank, causing normally settled contaminants to be suspended throughout the fuel while the vessel is underway. This contamination can foul the fuel system filtration, fuel pick-up tube or fuel line leading from the tank which may result in a serious system failure.

Our convenient mobile unit is available to make these modifications on-site at your location.

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